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Sewing factories need tech packs to quote you a price.

I teach how to make your own tech pack.

My best advice
Value of a tech pack
27 Decision Points
Cover Sheet
Bill of Materials
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Measurement Specifications
Example Tech Packs
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What is an apparel tech pack?
A apparel tech pack is a multi-page document that illustrates, describes and lists all the technical details that a factory needs, in order to quote a price and make a garment sample.

What is the value of a tech pack?
Professional tech packers charge $500 to $2,000 to make a tech pack. It requires expert knowledge and 5 to 20 hours to put together.  Do it yourself and save money.

List of questions that need to be answered.
Basically, a tech pack is a list of questions you need to answer for the factory before they can quote you a price and make a sample.  In chapter three I list all 27 questions I believe should be answered in a tech pack. 

My best advice based on 10+ years experience
I have been working with fashion start-ups for 10+ years in Vietnam.  Follow my advice and proceed quickly with factories to get prices, samples and production started.

How do you communicate the technical details of your design to a factory?